Stuart Whitton & Rosie Steer Are The

Global Wanderer

Stuart Whitton and Rosie Steer have been wandering the world together for many decades. Curiosity, a need to see, experience and learn about the landscapes, peoples, cultures and wildlife of the world have guided their journeys. Photography has served to record the visions that caught their eye and imagination, but also to focus intent, attention and purpose. Journeys are loosely planned around the seasons, allowing changes to be made in response to weather and things learned along the way, with a focus on colocated areas or regions. Photography for Stuart and Rosie is a self taught skill, honed through practice and the appreciation of the photographic work of many others.

Stuart Whitton

Stuart Whitton has a passionate interest in photography which has provided balance to a long engineering career. Starting with landscape photography in the film era, his interests have grown to include people in their daily activities as well as flora and fauna, with a particular focus on birds. The pleasure of seeing selected images in print form began in the darkroom, then progressed to digital post processing and inkjet printing. The intricacies and possibilities of digital capture and the digital darkroom have increased his scope for imagination, challenge and satisfaction. Over time, and through the appreciation of the work of others, Stuart has developed his own photographic eye and style, but still seeks new frontiers in the field and in image processing wherever the opportunity arises.

The Inspiration

The name Global Wanderer and the logo, a penny farthing bicycle, are fitting descriptions of the way we like to travel, exploring to photograph wild places, animals and birds, taking us to locations where we can wander, travelling slowly as we go. 

For many human societies, life has become more urban and our travel commodified. This reduces the opportunity for immersion in nature and the development of a deeper understanding and respect for the remaining natural places as well as the fauna and flora that depend on these places for survival. 

Paradoxically, it has become more important to us as our nourishment and survival depend on the survival of these places. It is our hope that Global Wanderer and resources like it will appeal to your curiosity and encourage a wanderlust in you, so that you too may search for an understanding and respect of places other than your home. By so doing you may better understand and protect the intricacies of this blue dot, this home we call the Earth. 

Rosie Steer

Rosie Steer is a passionate traveller and keen photographer. She finds seeking out the special places and how and when to get there a compelling pastime. Combining a love of wild places, flora and fauna with the timing of each journey for season, or in the case of Australia, the aftermath of rain, creates many visual and photographic opportunities that would otherwise not be realised. Route and location planning for moon phase and particularly weather requires flexibility and results in regular changes to plan and itinerary. In order to uncover the visions that Rosie and Stuart find unique, a large proportion of our travel is undertaken on minor roads and to seldom visited locations. This engages Rosie’s keen eye for topography, good navigation skills and calm temperament.

Captivating Images Printed On

Sustainable Materials & Recycled Aluminium

Global Wanderer is proud to offer beautifully produced high quality prints for your lasting appreciation. The vibrance and range of colours, luminosity and detail shown in these prints far exceeds that shown on most screens. We offer two high quality print mediums - Fine Art Ink Prints on Canson Infinity Platine 100% Fibre Rag Paper and Metal Prints on ChromaLuxe Dye Sublimated Aluminium Sheet. Both have a semi-gloss finish.